New Partner Dashboard Launched

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Partner Dashboard Login with Access to Tools

We are shooting out this quick reminder to make sure you to keep your eyes peeled for email with temporary user/password to the GTChannel dashboard.  The email will be sent to the creator's main email on file shortly.  If you don't receive it - check your spam folder - and email us for help. [email protected]

Inside the dashboard we are including four of the tools outlined in the big announcement email - Epoxy, Epidemic Sound, Tubebuddy - along with referral tools to help you in nominating new creators to join the community.  

Take a look around.  We'll follow up with more details about each.  We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

GTChannel Team

Partner Platform

Now all your payment and partner info will be located in one centralized dashboard along with access to digital marketing tools, notifications and announcements, brand and sponsor opportunities - the HUB of our GTChannel community.

Details on Login Coming Soon

New Payment Process

To streamline our payments, GTChannel has developed an automated system and partnered with Scalelab to manage processing. We can now pay via Paypal, check, direct deposit, WebMondy, Payoneer, and 10 other methods. All payment and account statement info will be transparent and available real-time on the partner platform.  Our new payment date will be the 1st of each month to help make your accounting easier.

Referral Program

Our community is made up of our biggest evangelists and now you can share in the growth of your community.  Each partner can help recruit new approved creators, and share 5% of any net revenue created. All of your new revenue is visible and trackable on the partner platform - recruiter panel.

Details on Referrals Coming Soon

Free Music Library

You asked and we heard.  Available through the platform, partners may log in and access royalty-free music of all genres.  Uncompromising quality, and 1000's of tracks. 

Details on Login Coming Soon

Custom Site for EVERY Partner

We've set up a customizable and companion website for EVERY creator.  We've automated the feed of all your Youtube videos onto the site, and you can custom brand the entire page.  This new real estate gives you full control and offers a new outlet to sell merchandise, interact with your fans, and increase your distribution. 

Details on how to get started soon

Design and Create your own Branded Merchandise

We've partnered with the Spreadshirt to offer all partners a free account to help you design 100's of products for your audience. You create the design, choose the products and Spreadshirt manages the manufacturing, e-commerce, and delivery while providing you with a new revenue stream.

Details on Spreadshirt Coming Soon

New Activation Site

In conjunction with the recruiter and referral program, GTChannel has launched our new agency activation hub. The site will provide details on the GTChannel Agency and be tied back to you as recruiter of any accepted creator.

We've seen that social interaction is the key to enormous and rapid growth.  GTChannel has set up access to a leading tool to help make that easy.  Build a direct two-way dialog with your fans and supporters using Epoxy and across most social media outlets.  
Details on Login Coming Soon

GTChannel Chrome Browser APP

Soon we will launch the GTChannel Browser App to provide partners with all your dashboard features, payment info, GTC news and offers, available sponsorships and tips simply by going to your YouTube Channel. A game changer in convenience and efficiency.


One of our earliest technology partners is now available to all partners.  This tool has tons of features to ease the management of your channel: copy tags and annotations across uploads, GIF creator, thumbnail generator, and much, much more. 
Details on Login Coming Soon