GT-R News Flash: 7-speed gearbox on the way!

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            As many of you have probably figured out, we here at GTChannel have some valuable sources that provide us with the most covert details regarding Japanese sports cars. One of our more reliable informants gives us the scoop on all things Nissan, including the venerable GT-R. It has been six years since the introduction of the hyper GT car. We hear that it will be undergoing its second major revision in the fall of this year, namely to the 2015 model (the first change occurred at the end of 2011 when power was upped to 545 hp). The face will be changed slightly, probably more than the artist’s prediction shown here, but we already knew that. We’re here to report that there are some big changes that’ll improve the already insane acceleration of the GT-R (we measured a conservative 3.0 seconds to 60 mph recently. Nissan claims a time of 2.8).

            According to our sources, an extra speed will be added to the current car’s 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. With seven speeds, the gear ratios will be noticeably altered from that of the current car, so it’s safe to expect quicker acceleration, especially out of corners. From a standstill, inside sources say the car will probably get to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, knocking off 0.1 sec. from its 0-60 time. But that’s not all the mechanical changes in store for the next GT-R. Also anticipated are suspension tweaking, improved brakes and better tires, so the car will see improvement all around. It's well-known that the chief project manager and chief engineer of the GT-R, Kazutoshi Mizuno, has a thing for clocking fast laps at the Nürburgring, so we hear that he’s gunning for a lap time of 7 minutes 15 seconds, which is about three seconds faster than its best time so far.

            In this age of car makers obsessed with fuel economy, it’s nice to see that one Japanese maker that still cares about going fast…really fast.